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The yoga exercises, 'asanas' mean a position in which one feels comfortable. Do not risk harm by trying to perform these exercises without consulting a trained yoga teacher or without seeking medical advice from a doctor. You are advised to read the important note. Many of the asanas are called by the names of the animals and are derived from the forms of those animals. the physical structure of those animals are such as to further certain glandular secretions, and as a result certain special qualities are developed.
There are thousands of asanas, and among them is the list below of common and basic asanas. A yoga teacher can teach a particular asana according to your needs. To perform the asanas and gain the most out of them, there are certain precautions and prohibitions to be taken.


  • Never perform asanas on bare ground. Always spread a blanket or a mat.
  • If possible, take a full bath or half bath before you perform asanas.
  • Keep complete control on breathing. Always breathe through the nose.
  • Always perform asanas in a clean, well lit and well ventilated place or room.
  • No smoke should be allowed to enter the room.
  • Wear light clothes that do not interfere with the movement of limbs during the performance of asanas.
  • If the body appears to be laboured, perform Shavasana.
  • Perform light physical exercises initially, then progress to your regular routine of asanas. Meditate in the end. This order is the most beneficial.
  • Conclude the exercises by massaging your arms, legs and the entire body.
food and drinks
There are no food restrictions to follow in order for you to start meditation, asanas and pranayama. The one reason you'll be getting in on any of it is to keep a healthy balance of your mind, body and spirit. It will be pretentious to try to achieve this balance if a would-be practitioner has no regard of what he eats.

Starting early on a new diet program makes a big difference.

Reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, cholesterol , sodium and processed and refined foods

Increase your intake of fiber sources, healthy alternatives, varied and balanced diet.

It is highly recommended to start and stay on a vegetarian diet.

special notes
Consult a doctor, or a yoga teacher or an acarya (spiritual teacher) before attempting to do any of the exercises/asanas/routine provided here. Your acarya will teach the exercises/asanas that will be most beneficial to your mental and physical health. Not all asanas are prescribed for everybody. We each have our own distinct needs and limitations, and a pose that may be appropriate to one could be inappropriate to the other. No one should risk harm by practicing these techniques without consulting a trained yoga teacher or a physician. These exercises are not recommended for children, under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, persons with medical condition, persons on medications, elderly and ill persons.


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