The Agnya Chakra

The sixth chakra is termed agnya (command) chakra and is located between the eyebrows; it has two petals. The seed symbols for meditation on this chakra are "ham" and "ksham".Ajna is the site of intuitive wisdom. This chakra may be associated with the pituitary gland. When this chakra is balanced, one intuitively understands the nature and truth of reality. It is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion. Forgiveness is the power to let go of anger, hatred and resentment and to discover, in humility, the nobility and generosity of the Spirit. It is the one that dissolves all our ego, conditionings, habits, false ideas of racialism, and all our misidentifications. It is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center. 

Roving eyes, watching impure things, or self-centeredness damage this chakra. Watching the sky, earth or nature can help cleanse it.