Yoga is a system


A holistic system combining
exercises (asanas),
breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (sadhana)

to refinine the body, mind and the spirit in unison.

Ultimately, it is well-being, peace, and bliss.


The holistic approach of yoga encompasses the development of the body, the mind and the spirit. This is a natural way of developing qualities such as fitness, discipline, confidence, awareness, intuitiveness and intelligence gradually leaving one contained, more stable and more contented.

Pages and pages on this site will not suffice to discuss yoga, its philosophies, its benefits. The yoga experience is always different for each individual but the goal is always the same. Definitely, we can all use some peace of mind, bliss, strength and inspiration to make it through this life!

special notes

Consult a yoga teacher or acarya (spiritual teacher) before trying any of the techniques provided here. Your acarya will teach the meditation technique that will be most beneficial to your mental and physical health and prepare you to complement the meditation with the appropriate mantra. No one should risk harm by practicing these techniques without consulting a trained yoga teacher or a physician.





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